High performance,
High availability enterprise cloud

Hosted Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure saves you time and money by negating the need for the hardware outlay and subsequent maintenance, as well as increases the agility, flexibility and uptime of your business. Removing the burden of acquiring, configuring and maintaining hardware and gives you access to cutting-edge technology as a purely operational expense.

VMLogic’s enterprise-class hosted cloud delivers a secure, flexible and cost-effective solution a that’s tailored to your unique requirements. Our flexible architectures allow us to offer a range of configuration options including Business-critical Active-Active services for continuous availability, Active-Passive services that include a DR environment or Straightforward Single Site services for your production, standby and development systems. This enables us to blend services and service levels to exactly match your diverse requirements on a highly efficient commercial model

Scalable, Secure Storage

Our solutions combines industry leading technology with secure ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data hosting facilities to produce a high performance, scalable and resilient solution. Unpredictable business conditions and seasonal workload increases can be handled with ease. Rapidly provision fault-tolerant and scalable compute resources and IT staff maintain control, consistency and compliance within the environment.

We deliver robust support and consultancy in a highly efficient and flexible way, in order to respond to your changing business needs and maintain the highest levels of security.

Scalable, Secure Storage

1. Best-of-breed hardware solutions for your unique needs
2. Increased flexibility, improved efficiency and enhanced security
3. Improved performance within the cloud as well as to your end users Scale without downtime
4. First class dedicated support team