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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Keeping up with IT demands is tough. Your customers and staff want round-the-clock availability to systems, applications and information at the highest possible performance levels. In addition to this, new data-intensive technologies and resource hungry applications are increasing the complexity of your IT infrastructure. How do you meet so many demands while keeping a firm eye on the bottom line? Infrastructure-as-a-service.

Improve the reliability of IT delivery while streamlining costs

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is your organization’s computing infrastructure such as file storage and networking through the use of VMLogic’s Cloud infrastructure. Rather than running your own room full of servers, experiencing high costs associated with on-premise, power and cooling, why not choose VMLogic to support your physical hardware, network, data and applications.

Our enterprise class cloud IaaS solutions provide security and scalability; complete customisation and control; easy integration and managed support, all as standard. We offer a flexible service that scales with your business needs.

Tailored support and management options

If you want agility, stability, availability coupled with the associated cost savings, you can do it with peace of mind that someone else is minding the hardware for your business. You are given access to your virtualised environment and have control over your storage, operating systems, and applications with capacity on demand. We also provide tailored support and management options from basic support through to a fully managed solution with appropriate service level agreements.

Key Features