Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Recovery as a service (RaaS)

The consequences of a natural disaster, man-made disaster, or network intrusion can cascade into catastrophe. In today’s business environment, organizations demand 24/7 availability of mission-critical applications and information. Business continuity is highly dependent on data backup and recovery systems to perform as expected.

Cloud-based backup and recovery typically offers quick implementation, ease of use, a lower cost of ownership, and scalability.

Disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud

If you suffer a major business outage it’s the time to recover that has the most significant impact on a company, even more than loss of data. Even a few hours of downtime can result in significant loss of revenue and productivity. As a leading provider of hosting solutions, VMLogic can deliver to you comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity support to keep your vital processes available and running smoothly at all times. Traditional DR requires comprehensive data backup on servers on company premises with it’s associated costs which can be quite expensive. As an alternative to traditional backup and recovery, DR in the cloud comes as a service that this cost-effective. Our RaaS service not just looks at making sure that everything is backed up and secured properly, but also ensures that the systems are in place that will get you back in business before you lose revenue and reputation.

Lower Costs, Faster Recovery

Disaster Recovery in the cloud offers two key benefits: lower costs and fast recovery. Since the data stored in the cloud is on the service provider’s servers, it can significantly reduce hardware, application, and administrative expenses. As your company’s data needs grow, you can add capacity without large investments in physical equipment or staff. What’s more, data protection in the cloud typically offers several levels of backup redundancy that are out of reach for many companies.

Key Features

Our disaster recovery services focus more on the recovery than the disaster

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